I am Jon Gosling and, in just over 9 years, my life has transformed from a high-powered mainstream corporate career where I worked exclusively from my head to one in which I work from the heart to connect to my true essence through my body.

My journey has taken me through some dark experiences of addiction, anger, avoidance, bereavement, denial, despair, divorce, disconnection from my body, depression, emotional anorexia, loneliness, low self-esteem, sexual repression and dysfunction, shame and touch isolation. I lost my marriage, close relationships, home, possessions and job in the process.

Through working through these issues via therapy, a twelve step programme, personal development and professional training I have emerged from these dark places grateful for these experiences. I now feel more connected and present, accepting, compassionate, confident, connected, forgiving, honest, humble, knowledgeable and stronger as a result.

I will not profess to understand exactly what you are experiencing, even if it may be similar, but I can walk alongside you and support you as you journey to a destination of your choosing. After all if you were about to climb a mountain would you chose someone who had learnt the theory or had actually done it or, better still, done both?



I work without judgement, from a place of compassion, safety and consent. It is essential to me that you feel safe and in a place authentic choice and I will work to ensure that our partnership is in a place of consent and full empowerment. Problems of consent in relationship usually stem from what we feel within us.  If we cannot be clear and express what we want to ourselves then we will have extreme difficulty in our expression of our needs and desires to others.  I will support you, if need-be, to establish what you want and work with you to connect with it.

You will find me passionate about my work whilst fully supportive of the outcome you are trying to achieve. Whatever modality we work in together it will be for your benefit (but not at the expense of my boundaries) and I will be honest and open with you keeping appropriate confidences at all times.

I am not a psychotherapist but do work with beliefs and mindfulness, recognising that our thoughts about ourselves shape who we are. These feelings are not just held in the mind but in patterns of behaviour stored in the body and I will work with this if appropriate.




I work with individuals, couples and groups, respecting peoples’ ethnicity, beliefs, culture, disability and sexuality.


I am a Certified Sexological Body Worker, somatic sex coach and sex educator. I have undertaken extensive sexuality and touch based courses and training including those with Joseph Kramer, Deej Juventin, Uma Ayelet Furman, Betty Martin, Ellen Heed, John Hawken and Leora Lightwoman.

I am also a Reiki Practioner attuned to Level 2 of the Usui, Shiki Ryoho system of healing.